Rob Zapple~Democrat~Approach To Issues

I’m Rob Zapple, and I’m running for re-election for County Commissioner. I’m a small business owner, the husband of a small business owner, a father and grandfather, and a citizen who believes that government needs to work better for all of us, to be successful. I want to ensure that the County uses our money more efficiently, that we bring together individuals, other government bodies, and businesses, to find solutions to our problems, through common sense, hard work, and cooperation.

Managing Continued Growth

I will continue to work to implement the 2016 Comprehensive Land Use Plan to help guide and encourage responsible development in our county.  All players must be held to the same standards, so that everyone's rights are protected, and everyone can understand and anticipate how our county will manage growth, while protecting the quality of life we all love.

Protecting Our Quality of Life

Clean drinking water, clean air, and protection of our river, beach, and ocean, are a top priority in every citizen's daily life.  I will continue to work tirelessly to make sure our county enacts and enforces protections to guarantee the high quality of life we all want and deserve.  I am opposed to allowing any pollutants in our waterways or adding any more pollution to the air we breathe, the air our children breathe. Safety and health must come first. I have great concern about pollution caused by any new or existing business that would impact our fragile environment or affect the health of our people.


Education is our future. I raised my family right here in New Hanover County – all three of my children were educated in the New Hanover County public school system and all three have received degrees from the North Carolina University system. Education is an issue I understand and care about. It’s the County Commission’s job to make sure funding is available. The jobs of the future will demand a well-educated workforce, and we need to prepare for that future. I will be working to make sure that local and state funding is allocated to the programs that help ensure the best educational practices for all our children. This is an investment worth making; it’s about our children, our future.

Growing The Economy

The safety and security of our County includes building a strong economic base with more jobs and a sound future. I run a business, and I understand the importance of a healthy business climate. I’m committed to finding innovative ways to encourage the responsible growth of clean industries and robust businesses that can help enhance the future for all of us.


I feel strongly that government needs to work within the constraints of the taxes it now collects and remain revenue neutral. The taxpayers of New Hanover County understand that their taxes must be used to make our community safe, to maintain our infrastructure, and to invest in our collective future. However, they also understand that you can’t get something for nothing, that you can’t spend what you don’t have. As your commissioner, I promise that I’ll make sure we get what we pay for and don’t pay for what we can’t afford.

Ensuring Safety

As a commissioner of New Hanover County, my first priority will be the safety of all of our citizens. I will support a strong law enforcement effort—one that is both effective and efficient. I will encourage communication and cooperation between city, county, and state law enforcement agencies with the primary objective being the safety and security of our community.

Being Responsible with our Trash

We should be responsible for our own trash. Period. The citizens of New Hanover County have made wise investments over the years to create the infrastructure that we now have. The New Hanover County Commission needs to maintain control of this issue.

Arts Funding

The cultural arts in New Hanover County have been and continue to be an economic driver in our community, an engine that has proven to be a magnet for tourism, business, and real estate development. I have participated in the leadership of several cultural institutions in New Hanover County and can speak with confidence about the value of every dollar that is invested in our cultural activities and organizations. The facts are clear: Cultural arts dollars create a significant return on investment to the taxpayers. And I believe that we can increase that return on investment. New Hanover County is a destination for people outside our area. It is our live theatre, concerts, films, museums, and historic architecture, along with the Cape Fear River and our beautiful beaches, that attract thousands of visitors and new residents every year. Investing in the arts and culture of our community is investing in our economic growth and in the future of New Hanover County.

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